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“Our purpose is to ignite God’s healing potential in people through the natural methods of nutrition, chiropractic, and lifestyle education.”

Given proper nutrition, the human body has an amazing ability to heal itself. If properly fed and given the right nutrients, the human body is designed to repair itself. To do so, we need to eat a healthier diet, exercise, and take high-quality supplements made from whole foods…


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Hear from our patients

I have had severe headaches since I was 8 years old. I have been to many doctors and specialists over the years and have merely tried to learn to live with it. I have been on the LiveIt! nutritional program for a while now and I want to share with you that I HAVE BEEN HEADACHE FREE for two weeks! First time in all these years to feel this good. I am pumped!! Thanks.

— AR, age 21

Dr. Snow, I don’t think Thank You is enough to say how grateful I am.
I had been experiencing:

  • Acid Reflux
  • Frequent Headaches
  • Difficulty Sleeping
  • Weight Gain
    For several years I had been taking sleep aid medication and antacids every night. After following Dr. Snow’s recommendations, within three months, the acid reflux was gone and I was able to get a full night sleep without any medication!!
    The headaches ceased and I began to lose weight. A very pleasant and unexpected surprise has been that the severe menstrual cramps that I had experienced for over 20 years have been greatly reduced. My skin looks better than it did when I was in my teens and my energy level has increased. I haven’t felt this good in 15 years! I can now focus on enjoying my life instead of just tolerating how bad I previously felt.
    I am very pleased to recommend Dr. Snow.

— DL


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